Thursday, August 3

I realised that I've been watching movies even before their official release date. I watched Tokyo Drift about 5 days before its official release, & I watched Click today, a day before it opens.

Ok, a bit of random info.

Anyway, Click is good. As in, good good. All these reviews gave it like 3 stars. I give it 4 & a half. Could be a prejudiced opinion though, coz' I LOVE Adam Sandler. He's my favourite comedian, EVER.

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The storyline sounds kinda of stupid. You know, a workaholic who neglects his family goes searching for a universal remote control (he switches on the ceiling fan, opens the garage, & does everything BUT switch on the teevee when the latter is his intention). & he got more than he bargained for. He got his remote control from a creepy someone who apparently works in a place not unlike our own Spotlight. & it's not long before he realises that his remote is special, that it controls more than electronic gadgets. & what does he do? He misuses it, & soon, he regrets ever touching the remote control.

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Christopher Walken as creepy inventor guy.

Yes, sounds silly doesn't it? I thought it was like a comedy, & so it was, for the first 45 minutes or so. & then when he starts using his remote control more & more, things took a tragic turn & it became more of a dark comedy. & I cried buckets. There was this scene where you could hear scattered sniffles all over the darkened theatre. It's very very sad, & touching, & there's a moral to the story. Although the moral is rather cheesy, it works. I was sitting there, & tears were just dripping onto my collar bones & after I've cleaned up, there was another scene & my eyes leaked again. Bee kept turning to give me an exasperated look. I suspect he's cold-blooded.

It also stars David Hasselhoff (although he's a has-been) as the horny boss, & Jennifer Coolidge as the over-the-top friend. She's...Stifler's mom if you watched 'American Pie'. Um, the MILF. & now I'm waiting for someone to ask me what MILF is. HAHA!

& oh, did I mention that the very delectable Kate Beckinsale stars as Adam Sandler's wife? She's a beautiful vase. Now, that's enough reason for you guys to go watch it. Go go go!

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I think...I wanna watch it once more. & cry buckets again. (Gotta make Bee watch again. Or else...wait for DVD lor.)

Edit: Ok, for a movie to make me cry, it MUST be really damn touching or sad because according to SOME people, I'm cold-blooded. I'm always laughing when peple are dying on screen. Or when there's a touching scene. Coz' I find them...cheesy. The last time I cried at a movie is when Harry Potter was crying over Cedric's body.

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