Sunday, May 23

The blog I promised

Ok, I'm supposed to blog about Shaun. Not Shaun Teo my classmate but Shaun Tang. That 'DreamD8' fella.

What happened? Let's see, he lied, he acted pathetic, & he multi-timed. A rather poor excuse for a human being I say.

I can't believe I protected his identity. I covered up & refused to reveal his name & all, believing he'd actually change for the better. Naivete rues. He didn't. & even when outsiders asked me to just spill everything about him, I refused to because I think everyone deserves a chance.

But apparently, not him. I've discovered things that I'm better off not knowing. The fact that he was seeing someone else when he was seeing me. In fact, probably even seeing many other someone elses. But he had a way. I had my own suspicions when he was always on the phone chatting or smsing when we were out. & he would just say they were his 'fans' & that he had to entertain them for the sake of it. I never really believed it but I gave him the benefit of doubt. That was plain dumb. I wasn't ignorant but I was pretending to be.

He never gave me a closure. I seeked for one, obviously. But then, I gave up because I know the problem lies with him, not me. He's the one who needs help.

In my case, it wasn't as bad because I wasn't in too deep. He was a liar, sly & conniving, & I suppose he needs girls around him to reassure himself of his apparent 'charm' or what not. That's probably the reason why he's doing all these unpardonable deeds.

Anyway, he had a girlfriend of 5 years who was nothing short of wonderful. She did things for him, gave up loads & sacrificed things which are important to her. Just because of him. But obviously, he doesn't deserve it because in the 5 years they were together, he cheated on her countless of times as well. I'm terribly sorry to find out about his ex-girlfriend only after the whole thing blew up. Because he was fabulous at covering up his past. He doesn't deserve her. She's too good for him. She's smart, pretty & likeable. What about him? He's nothing but scum.

I don't hate him because I'm not going to waste precious minutes of my life harbouring hate. & what's more, on someone who doesn't even deserve to be on this earth. Of coz', I think what he did was unpardonable but opinions differ. That's my own perception. However, the hate site which you guys see,, was not set up by me. On the contrary, it's set up my friends who were not instigated by me or what not. They did it because they hate him. That's purely the case. & I really appreciate friends like them who stood by me & stood up to him. The site did attract a lot of attention & may I say, most of them were positive ones. The site has been stagnant for some time now because the competition is over & there doesn't seem to be a point to continue it. Unless my friends find a reason to.

I wonder why so many people tried to cover up his marred past. TNP actually interviewed my friends but the article never came out & TNP stopped covering the competition altogether. Yeah yeah, go on Singtel, cover up your mistake. Cover up your mistake of choosing a wrong contestant. Cover up your own blunders. We all know the truth, don't we?

So that's about all that happened. He lied, he multi-timed, & I fell for it. Hook, line & sinker. Not anymore. I know what to do the next time I come across this kind of situation.

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