Monday, July 19

Eargh. I have some photos today of NCC day but I have no idea how to use this BloggerBot shit & Photobucket is screwed up so they'll have to wait.
Let's see...Daryl came to pick me up today, which was finally a surprise since it backfired twice. We went to SAFTI for the NCC Day Parade & yeah, I kinda miss the whole spirit of NCC. The atmosphere was just great. Loads of cheering & all. & Crescent got like Best Unit so that was the cherry on top of the ice-cream. Erm, weird analogy. Right. So I took pictures of those SAF parachuters. Really fun. Especially the finale when all the contingents charged in like mad bulls on the loose & they popped crackers & confetti & we had like the crowd charging into the parade square to join the crazy ones as well. I'm proud to be an ex-Crescentian. What the heck. Once a Crescentian, always a Crescentian. I wanna go back & relive those days!
But anyway, Daryl met a few of his other friends & I became temporary photographer. Haha! But it was alright, his friends are all really nice friendly people. & of coz', a MCM senior included as well & we started talking a bit about lecturers & all. Lol...
Went to Changi Village to eat & after that, went to Changi Beach.
& now, we're officially together. After 2 months of 'almost but not quite there'. Lol...but Daryl's sneaky. He's such a good planner & of coz', he could hide it well. He got me a Me to You bear which we called 'Andro', short for androgynous because we couldn't decide on its gender. & a ring, which is really sweet. So this pair of rings have today's date(18-07-04) & our names engraved in the inner side of them. & when placed together, they actually form this heart shape. It's really sweet. We sat there on the sand & watched the planes(which were flying really low as they were approaching the runway) for quite some time...sea breeze, soft waves. It was really just so wonderful. & that was a pleasant surprise of coz'. Still can't believe he planned that! & being so gentlemanly today & all. He acted like I couldn't open the car door myself. Haha...sneaky. But it's really really fabulous. No more teasing from others about the 'almost but not quite' thing. No more ribbings from his family. Ok, wait, they're still making fun of him. Lol...but it's just great. 18th. It's a date full of special elements. 18th is his birthday. 18th is mine too. It's a special date. Daryl's the sweetest guy I've ever known. I know I'm supposed to have a phobia about this sorta stuff but somehow, I know he's going to be different. Nothing about him tells me he's putting on a facade. & it's been 2 months & I still think he's the sweetest guy I've ever known. He's so sweet it's unbelievable sometimes. & it seems like he's this nice to everyone too. & that's always a good thing. I'm pretty certain nothing's gonna go wrong this time round. I'll see to it that it doesn't.
Went to see Mazlinah off eventually at around 10+...she's headed for Canada for 3 weeks! I wish I could tag along too. Gee. Almost couldn't find the car after that because Daryl's blur. Lol...he always forgets where he parks. Blur!
Right, so that's my day which changed a lot of things. Everything's been really really fantastic & I'm sure things will work out. NS? Screw it. We'll make 2 years work out.
Note to self: 18th July, 9.30PM, Changi Beach. Awwwww.
Still falling
Breathless & on again
Inside today
Beside me today
Around broken in two
Till your eyes shed
Into dust
Like two strangers
Turning into dust
Till my hand shook
With the way I fear

I could possibly be fading
Or have something more to gain
I could feel myself growing colder
I could feel myself under your fate
Under your fate

It was you
Breathless & tall
I could feel my eyes turning into dust 
& two strangers
Turning into dust
Turning into dust

Mazzy Star [Into Dust]

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