Monday, August 30

OH MY GOD. Shaun Tang is so thick, I don't know whether to cry with mirth or to laugh my ass off.

It was his birthday yesterday, & I happened to glance up at the calendar & saw his name on it. So I decided to msg him. & I did. 'Happy Birthday. Grow up!' & he replied, 'U r?' & I was like, 'Oh gee, how nice, you forgot me. It's Sam.' & he replied saying how he brought a different phone to camp so he didn't have his contacts & all & the next thing was, he thanked me for my greetings & asked me how I was! & I told him I was doing JUST great & that I hope camp makes him grow up. & he said thanks! GOOD LORD. & he replied, 'Gd to hear u're doing fine. Sry abt e past...' & I was like, 'Yeah ok, sure. That helps a lot.' & he replied, 'Hope it does...take care ok?' with a smiley face. Goodness. BYE! GOOD RIDDANCE! GROW UP FOR GOD'S SAKE! You're 21!

Gracie, I wouldn't have believed it when you told me he would be just happy we remembered his birthday. But this guy is so ridiculously full of himself, it's pathetic. Really. Doesn't sarcasm get through his thick skull? Half-witted I say!

Gah. He's just soooo ridiculously pathetic & dense. Oh, by the way, I'm wayyy over what happened. If I wasn't, I wouldn't be sitting here laughing at the cluelessness of certain people. :)

Anyways, Daryl called. He injured himself yesterday so he didn't call. :) But it's all ok now...I'm seeing him on Sat!

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