Sunday, September 12

Watched 'The Terminal' with Daryl at Junction 8 yesterday. T'was really good! Tom Hanks is sucha a fab actor. & Catherine Zeta Jones is wayyy pretty. I just didn't like how they didn't explain what happened to both of them at the end.

Didn't go over to his place because I had rehearsals in the morning & mom didn't sound happy that I was out the whole day so he accompanied me home after the movie.

& then his sis called him, & wanted to talk to me. Apparently, I was supposed to meet them for lunch today, which I agreed but then it had to be delayed & I couldn't make it coz' I had tuition.

So yepz, he's back in camp again. Blah. 2 more weeks till his passing out. & he gets a whole week off. Till then, I suppose?

Got my eyes on you
Won't you bring that back to me
Got my eyes on you
Ya know where I'm gonna be
Got my eyes on you
& I see you checkin me
Got my eyes on you
& I like what I see
Jay Sean [Eyes On You]

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