Sunday, September 26

Went to Val's place with Skye to do MRM. In the end, didn't get much done because we were all feeling so terribly lost! So only did a small part of the report, did a wee bit of Advert & then I left to meet Daryl.

I took a bus to his place, all by myself! & I tried to do my best 'delivery' impersonation but failed. So I got him this strawberry cake thingy from Breadtalk because well, it just looks really sweet. Haha!

Went off to have dinner with his army buddies at Ang Mo Kio & it was so strange. & I kept telling Daryl that by the time they decided on where to have dinner, it would have been supper time. Gah. Ended up at Pizza Hut, & it was a HUGE group of like about 14 people? Felt so weird. There was only one other girl there, & I felt so strange. So we ate fast, & I was giving Daryl that 'Let's go let's go' face. & yeah, we split after paying up. Walked around a bit & then cabbed back to his place because we were all too lazy to walk. & he was so annoyed that the game he bought was somehow, not workable on his PS2. Lol...

Lost track of time & got home really late & I was almost locked out of the house because my dad changed the lock. It was not a personal attack or whatsoever. The lock was just spoilt so yeah, he changed the lock & I had to ring the doorbell & yelled before my brother opened the door for me.

Sis came over for a while to pass dad the car keys & she showed me her phone with a wide smirk on her face. I could have rattled her. It was a 7610! It's so bloody cool. The buttons placements are retarded but then again, the whole thing is just so sleek & futuristic looking, I would have killed to have it. Bah.

Daryl's booking in again later on but it's ok, he's gonna POP on Wednesday! So we'll have a lot more time...loads on the agenda. Can't wait!

Wheee! Before you know it, it's our 3rd month darling! Bwahahahaha! I miss you already! Shhh, shuddup, don't compare!

If I could find you now things would get better
We could leave this town & run forever
I know somewhere somehow we'll be together
Let your waves crash down on me & take me away
Yellowcard [Ocean Avenue]

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