Tuesday, October 5

SO! I have no Internet connection at home anymore. Using Skye's lappie in school now. Ok, I do have connection but then, what's the point when I can't even switch on my PC & my lappie doesn't allow me to access Internet Explorer at all? What's the frigging point? Gotta fix it this weekend. You wouldn't believe how lost I feel without Internet connection.

Let's see, Friday was fun. Daryl's finally POPed. Yeah & then we managed to see each other every day for like, 4 days.

Thursday, went town to have Pastamania.

Friday, he came & pick me up after I'm done with those projects at school & I went home to grab my overnight stuff. & then we went to the place where we were gonna stay over & dumped our stuff there. Off we went to Mandarin Hotel for chicken rice. I have no idea why but we felt like eating chicken rice & the chicken rice there is at a killer price. Why don't you rob me instead? It's like, $17.80 for a plate! $17.80! I can like eat many plates of chicken rice with that kind of money. & the chicken rice is just good, but not fab.

After that, we headed to Sentosa (where he had difficulty finding the way to) & went to the Magical Fountain & watched that colourblind emcee prancing around in his horrendous blue & yellow outfit. & that stupid irritating monkey who just gets on your nerves. Why couldn't they stick to the old concept of just plain ol' musical fountain instead? But the fire's cool I must say. I imagined those fellas sitting in front getting their hair singed when the fire balls appeared.

Went off back to town again (with lesser difficulty, but nonetheless, difficult) Had Pastamania & we decided to catch Dodgeball, which by the way is a movie full of toilet humour. But yeah, I like the ending. The show ended at close to 2?

Next day was just a day full of shopping. Just walking around town & looking at random stuff. Lol...& then he had to return the car so we went back to his place. His parents are so funny. Haha...

Yepz, so he's back in camp again. I really don't get the difference between before POP & after POP. I don't see the difference at all! Never mind, I think both of us have gotten used to it.

My ITP sucks. I don't wanna go to JCHS Media. Don't make me do stupid things. I can't work with computers. I'm jinxed with them. I'll end up killing all the computers they have. Don't. Make. Me.

Gah. 6 weeks of pure torture. Of close-to-tears boredom. How sweet.

Last week of school so after we come out of this week unscathed, that's it. I'll have reached the halfway benchmark of poly life. Time passes really fast, doesn't it? Advertising & Media Management presentation on Thursday & Friday. Boy, am I glad to be over & done with Radio. Heh...speaking of which, I have to thank Johannes for skipping class for my Radio thang. Thanks for being such a great guest speaker! I owe you 2 million times!

Right, that's it. I'll just disappear into oblivion...until both lappie is fixed.

I'm a passerby in a promise land
& I face no direction
Somewhere between the towns of lost & foundin' the state of confusion
Sure our dreaming is pure wonderment
But our feelings are no accident
If my heart is cold, it won't forever be
Coz' you're warming up to me
Jason Mraz [Warming Up To Me]

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