Tuesday, November 23

Daryl is so pampered. Haha...his high fever had me rushing down in a cab after work, had his sister rushing from Tampines back to Sin Ming, & had his parents coming back early from work. Proness. But yeah, he had super high fever & booked out of camp. Silly boy. He & his wisdom tooth. Bah. I just went down & accompanied him for a couple of hours. His sister ordered pizza & I was like, 'Daryl ain't supposed to eat that right?' & she said, 'Well, I would have cooked but then he's gonna end up with stomachache, on top of the fever so I guess not eh?' Haha! She's funny.

& there I was watching Kylie Kronicles on MTV & god, I just adore her to bits. I love her I love her I love her. Kylie Minogue. How can she be sooooo hot? How how how? They were showing like snippets of all her videos & everytime she talked, I would just hyperventilate. & when I saw the video for 'On a Night Like This' & I saw her in her outfit, I almost died. Whoooooooaaaa. She's one FINE lady. She's sexy without being sluttish. Unlike Lindsay Lohan. I saw the video for 'Rumours' & I only have a word for her. Slut. Or maybe 2 words. MAJOR SLUT. Gosh. No one can match up to Kylie Minogue. Goddess goddess. Well, no one except...maybe Nicole Kidman. :)

Oh. Anyway, I chose Spanish for my IS. There was like the last vacancy left & I almost tripped over myself to click on it. & I GOT IT! YAY! I can converse with Raul now! YAY YAY YAY! :D

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