Thursday, March 31

I was having a 'general education' discussion with Val & oh my god. This is damn funny.

Sex is important for the procreation of the human species. However, sex does have other health benefits that could help enhance wellness. Is your busy schedule or tight deadlines preventing you from having a satisfactory sexual relationship with your spouse? Perhaps after reading about the health benefits of regular sexual intercourse, you may work on revising your work schedule.

Strengthens relationship
Sex provides the opportunity to strengthen intimate relationship with your loved one. The passionate contact in various forms of sexual acts represent the inner feelings endured through mutual understanding and trust between couples in their daily lives.

Stress buster
Sex is considered a "stress buster". After sexual intercourse, you would experience the relaxing and calming effect that makes you sleep more soundly. Thus, feeling more refreshed the next day.

Burns calories
Sex, just like exercise, can be a rigorous activity. Therefore, it could be considered as a calorie burner. Do you know that half an hour of sex requires 150 calories? So if you engage in half an hour of sex three times a week, you will burn 450 calories. Depending on the intensity and frequency of sex, you could burn 7,500 to 10,000 calories per year. Add this to your yearly exercise regime and you should have no problem keeping fit.

Active hormones
During sexual intercourse, a few hormones would be released to make this activity a healthy experience.

Oxytocin, a hormone that is released from the posterior pituitary gland, could help in the relief of pain.

Endorphins are your 'feel good' hormones in the brain that helps to relieve stress and promote better mental health.

Testosterones level would be high and this increases the sex drive as well as providing benefits to strengthen bones and muscles, and for healthy heart maintenance.

Increased oestrogen levels in women during sex protect the heart and maintain the vaginal suppleness. This effect also makes the women wanting to be touched, cuddled and cherished.

Keeps prostate healthy
Sexual intercourse promotes a healthier prostate for men.

Strengthens immune system
DHEA is released during orgasm and it plays an important role in strengthening the immune system.

Promotes healthy blood flow
Sex encourages good blood flow in the body and could assist in improving the detoxification process. Proper blood flow allows the toxic waste in the body to be excreted efficiently.

Promotes longevity
Research shows that regular sex reduces the incidence of death and helps to prolong life.

Ahahahaha! Oh my god. This is so funny. So people who have sex live longer, is that it? & those who don't die earlier? Oh my god. I don't know. We just find it so amazing. We almost died laughing.

So people. Ummm, make more love, & live longer!

& if anyone asks what you are doing, just say, 'I'm prolonging my life a little longer!'

Not good. I have Comm Iss on Friday & I have no idea what to do.

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