Tuesday, March 29

Sigh. Why do you want to bring up these unpleasant topics when you're all the way in India?

It's difficult. It's very difficult to talk things through long-distance.

Things were fine. & then you had to mention him. & both of us became sullen again.

First, it's the whole mindset thing. Then, when we finally let that subject go, you bring him up.

Believe me. I want to let go, I do. It's hurting me a lot when you accuse me of not wanting to. I do. What makes you think I like thinking & wondering & making myself miserable? I don't. & I'm getting over it. It's taking a long time, but I am. I truly am. Just wait, a little while more. I plead with you darling, be a bit more patient.

I honestly don't like talking about him at all. I don't want someone who's not even really there to come in between us, to drive this distance between us. He's not worth all the worrying you're doing.

All I want is for you to come back quickly this Friday, so I can finally see you again. That's all I care about now.

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