Friday, May 13

Got to see Daryl quite a lot. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday! Lol. Honestly, I wouldn't ever be sick of this.

He managed to get Monday off & we spent the rest of the day lazing around. Watched a bit of DVD & all.

On Tuesday, he booked out in the evening & went home so I went to his place after PSF & stayed the night. Heh. T'was nice. My head resting in the crook of his arm & sleeping. I woke up smiling. & then we woke up rather late so he had to book in already. & we didn't even lunch. I know, it's silly going over to his place when it was so late & all but just being able to spend a night being cuddled is good enough for me. Heh.

& I'm gonna see him tomorrow! We're going to Ikea to buy furniture for our house! Hahahaha. Ok no, I'm kidding. We're going to buy curtains for his room. :)

Darling, I'm not bluffing you! I do miss you! So much so much so much. See, I went down all the way to your place even though it was so late & we wouldn't be spending much waking moments together but I did so just to see you. & to snuggle up next to you & doze off. :) Love you.

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