Friday, May 20

Happy Birthday Vidz! :)

Went out with Vidz, Tiffy & Yix yesterday. We surrounded her at the MRT station with a cookie slice & she was made to blow out the candle, which incidentally was relightable. Lol. In a fit of frustration, it was dunked into water. Lol. Got her Secrets of the Da Vinci Code.

Went polluting & then off to Cine. Initially wanted to watch 'The Interpreter' but alas! There wasn't any seatings for it. So we ended up watching 'Bonjour Monsieur Shlomi'. Some Israeli flick. We had to read the subtitles throughout the entire movie but it turned out to be really nice. Very heartwarming & all. Lol.

We got to see Yix's BOYFRIEND. (She's not used to that term so we were annoying her like, 'So where's your BOYFRIEND?', 'How old's your BOYFRIEND?' & so on.) Heh. He seems decent enough. He'd better be nice to Yix or I'll kill him. Hahahaha.

Love going out with you people, huns! Crazy kick-ass company. & stop laughing at me, will ya? *grumbles*

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