Thursday, July 28


Some meeting I have to attend tomorrow & I was informed so last minute! WAH LAU!

I shall control my temper. Shall control my temper.

On a sidenote, I dislike people who are always late. Coz' I'm too much of a punctual person. I try to dawdle every single time but I ALWAYS end up being the earliest. I spend half of my lifetime waiting for people. Like in secondary school, I spent half of it waiting for my best friend. She could be late from half an hour to 2 hours. It depends on your luck. & now, I'm still spending much of my time waiting for people. In about 3 days, I spend an average of 2.5 hours waiting for people, which could be spent on more productive stuff.

I'm not angry at them. I just don't like waiting for people for long. Don't worry, it's not aiming at anyone in particular. It's just a general thing. Lol. It's not like it's just 1 person. It's like, 3/4 of all my friends are never on time. *shrugs*

The only ONE thing that makes me happy is looking forward to Daryl's arrival. I've waited for 1 whole month. :) He's finally back with me. Ah wells. He'll dis-angry me.

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