Wednesday, November 9

I had such a bad start this morning.

I woke up bright & early at 6 AM, prepped up & left for school at 7.10 AM.

Halfway through the bus journey, I decided to take out my time-table to check where the class was.

I realised that the class was at 10 AM. I mis-read it.

FABULOUS! I was already reaching so I went ahead to school anyway. Woke my boyfriend up & he was half-asleep so he wasn't much help. In the end, after much hemming & hawing, I hopped onto 52 (after waiting for eons & I was sure that I have a few more wrinkles on my face now) to his place for a while (at least I had a place to spend time in) & then he drove me to school.

Had a meeting, & then he came down to pick me up again coz' we were going swimming!

Yes! He bravely offered to coach me how to swim. Believe it or not, I still can't swim even though I pass both my secondary school test & my NCC test & even have the bronze certificate to show for it.

But I just. Can't. Swim.

& so! My boyfriend has the patience of a person with no patience (I can't find any comparative term!). After half an hour of teaching me, he told me, 'Argh! I give up! I don't want to teach you anymore! You're hopeless!'

-_- Thanks a lot for that vote of confidence aye?

For some reason, I can't co-ordinate. I can't seem to kick, then pull. I kick AND pull. So I sort of flounder around helplessly. & I can't lift my head to breathe. The moment I lift my head, my body sinks. & I can't breathe out with my nose & breathe in with my mouth when I have all these other leg & arm movements to concentrate on! ARGH! I give up! DAMN IT!

But it was fun. My boyfriend entertained me by swimming like a dog (yeah, complete with the panting & tongue hanging out), while I bounced around at the shallow end. AHAHAHAHA! Ok, no more swimming for me. I have too much chlorine in my tummy now. Swimming is just not my forte!

Bought 2 new bikinis by the way after my first & previous one was ruined by the sand when I got backwashed violently to shore. Yeah, I was trying to sit at the edge of the water, the wave came, I was swept backwards & it hurt like hell when my back got sand-exfoliated.

I need a chunky belt for my 2 boho skirts! Anyone knows where I can get them?


Right. So anyway. Floyd diagnosed me with inferiority complex. I guess I've always known.

She has the looks, the brains & the money. & all she was lacking was fame (although she was famous in her own right, she wasn't like famous famous, as in showbiz famous yet).

But she has it now. So guess what? She has EVERYTHING now.

I just can't help but feel slightly bitter on how some people just seem to have everything made for them. As if life throws out pretty little surprises wrapped in bright gleaming paper, along with a big red bow on top, just for these people.

I don't hate her. In fact, I'm in awe of her. After all, she's my good friend's ex-girlfriend. When I first noticed her on my friend's Friendster profile, I was utterly amazed. She has these impossibly large almond-shaped eyes, & a very cute perky nose. I was like, 'OH MY GOD. My friend is a lucky bastard!' & thinking how this is the kind of girl who could turn me les.

& of coz', I've heard nice stories of her.

But then, I can't help but feel slightly resentful of her impossibly good fortune.

Floyd reckons I need to see therapists. Shrinks in short. I reckon I need a total face change, a sugar daddy, a brain transplant & a showbiz mogul for a god-sister/brother/father/mother. HAHA!

But it's alright. What I have is an amazing boyfriend who obliges when I want to have Pastamania, & goes shopping with me albeit reluctantly. He holds my bag when I ask him to, & he piggy-backs me when I complain that my feet hurt. He makes sure I'm well-fed, & well-slept (yes, he calls me every night to bug me to bed). He calls me when I alight from the cab after 11 PM, knowing that I'm afraid of the dark & late nights, & talks to me until I'm safely in the house. He cheers me up when I'm having a bad day like today. All he hopes is for me to be happy, & have everything I want. :)


Darling, you make me fall in love all over again with every smile of yours, every peal of laughter, every crinkle of your eye, every touch of your hand...I can go on in this direction for ages. :) It was wonderful to hear you laughing & laughing, even though I had to resort to tactics like tickling. But I do so love to see you laugh, & it's not something you do much, you know? I love you, even with that cap-head & all. You're mine, mine, mine!

Ok, you guys can look back now.


Speaking of which, I completed my Pastamania passport. If you guys don't know which it is, it's the one you collect 8 stamps from Pastamania outlets, with 6 stamps from different outlets. & each stamp is received when you spend $15 & more at the outlet.

I complete the darn thing. & we had a lot of confusion with the Cineleisure outlet today about the repeated stamps but I think I was really firm & stood my ground & in the end, won. Haha! & we heard that I'm the first, possibly in all the outlets to have handed the card in. -_- Oh my god. What a freak.

Alright, I'm going to bed now coz' I do have 8 AM class tomorrow (this time I'm sure I'll get the time right) & my boyfriend is doing his daily routine of bugging me to bed. :) Goodnight, folks. I'm off to a land of no inferiority complex.

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