Thursday, March 16

I'm going to see Jason Mraz live in concert tomorrow! Whoot! Wow. I never thought I'll ever get to see him live & that's going to be disappointing coz' he's more of a live performer than anything! Although I can forgo the idea of meeting the J man himself in the flesh, because I've uncovered MANY low-profile Mraz fans in Singapore who are gonna meet up & probably stalk him. -_- I wouldn't even be able to shake his hand with the crowd! & his tickets are long sold out. So yup, I'll only get to see him from Row L, & no peektures at that. Even if you see him outside, I think we can't take photos with him because he said in his blog that he doesn't want to anymore. (Although I think he's this grumpy because he's weary from all the traveling & also, the break-up with Tristan.)

I quote:
The rush of impersonal pressures to scribble a sad looking version of my own name on a napkin, a business card, a ticket stub, whatever, come flooding in. Within seconds my surrounding airspace is sucked into a vacuum rightfully reserved for teen people and tiger beat subscribers, who peel away not knowing anymore about me or themselves, except that this encounter might land them in tomorrow's "look who I met" column. Did you really meet me? Or did your ticket stub meet my pen? Did we have a conversation? Or did you squander our time teaching someone how to take a poorly lit low-resolution photograph of you and I in the same frame?

I'm sorry, but I no longer understand the need for written documentation or picture proof of our encounter. I would rather know your name, shake your hand, find out what you liked about the show, what kind of music you like other than mine, where you're from, wow you traveled how far? And so on. Only then will you be able to walk away and truly say that we did indeed meet. With that said, I'll make this known here and I'll do my damnedest to follow through. NO MORE PICTURES. PLEASE.

Anyway, Ayu (YOU LUCKY LUCKY WOMAN!) & I were discussing his setlist because it's going to be an acoustic performance & we were talking about the songs we want him to play. & I was thinking that I would like it a lot better if he brought the whole band & gives an electrifying head-bopping performance but actually, acoustic is good. It's quiet, & mellow. & heart-felt. So hell. The one song I really really want him to play is 'One Find'. If he plays 'One Find', I'm happy. But it's such an obscure song, that Ayu suggests I yell & yell for him to be able to hear my request.

& we were also talking about the ex-girlfriends who popped up in the forum claiming that this song or that song was written for them. Which is pretty amusing actually. Mraz's ex-wife & another ex-girlfriend had both claimed that 'You & I Both' was written for them.

This is our discussion:

all the immediate unknowns are better
so funny both claim bragging rights to you & i both. lol.

mrs goh - is steve irwin. mr goh is a crocodillie.
Damn! Maybe he told both of them that it was for them! LOL.

all the immediate unknowns are better
but i read in an intvw that he said it was for his ex wife (i.e. sheridan)

mrs goh - is steve irwin. mr goh is a crocodillie.
Hahahaha! He said it was the girl who taught him how to wordplay right?

all the immediate unknowns are better

mrs goh - is steve irwin. mr goh is a crocodillie.
Should be his ex-wife lah! I believe it's her!

all the immediate unknowns are better
yeah i always thot it's sheridan and she mentioned once that unencumbered was her favourite word

mrs goh - is steve irwin. mr goh is a crocodillie.
Maybe half of the song is about Ariel (ex-gf), half is about Sheridan. Then some other woman's gonna pop up & claim rights. Then it gets complicated!

all the immediate unknowns are better
ahahahhahah! can you imagine?
ex gf #9: no! line 3 & line 17 is about me! i loved the word "love" and he squeezed it in for me!

HAHA! Sorry, I just thought that was utterly hilarious!

Anyway, I realised something.

I realised the first album is the only one I bought. Vidz got me Live at the Eagles Ballroom CD for my birthday, while my dear boyfriend got me the DVD & Mr. A-Z. :) I'm a free-loader.

I shall fill you in about the performance tomorrow, which I'm sure is going to be amazing.

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