Tuesday, May 16

& as promised, I present the SUPER THROW FACE videos (& to add to it, the audio & the visuals are not in sync, which only occured after they're uploaded onto YouTube)!

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Val, I nicked this off your blog!

Finally, it's Valerie's turn to THROW FACE! Muahahaha! (Sorry Skye, you really happen to be in all the 'dancing' videos! :P & your skirt is EXTREMELY short!)

Val & YY making a brave attempt at Hokkien.

Them 2 again, rushing out the out-of-breath song.

& an EXCLUSIVE of them all dancing. I couldn't resist, because this is just too good to pass up. A little dark, but what you can make out is worth it. :)

& since I've been mean & didn't show myself in any of them, here's a very unglam me & an equally unglam them yelling along to our must-yell-to sing. EMPOWER! (& no, you didn't see me doing a Tom Cruise & jumping on the couch.)

Got my revenge! Muahahahaha! :P

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