Wednesday, May 17

My 500th post. & so, it shall be something randomly off the top of my head.

I like:
Spending time with my boyfriend.
Plucking his ingrown hair (on his legs & chin lah, what are you thinking about?!).

My boyfriend suddenly picking me up & carrying me for no reason. :)
Polluting with Vidz & gang.
Going out with the Gang of Short Ones (Val, YY, Amanda & Skye).
Doing nothing with Ting at her place.
Tomato-based pasta. Or I should say, Pastamania.
Chilli crabs, chilli prawns, sambal stingray.
Home-cooked dinner.
Ice-cream. Ice-cream cakes!

Shabu Shabu. The noodles & the chilli & the porridge. The porridge!
Ian's cooking.
Curling up with a nice book.
Chatting to people in my guild.
Buying fascinating but useless stuff.
Quote books. Puzzle books. Cooking books (although I don't cook).
Pretty shoes & bags.

& as I was telling Vidz today, money shouldn't be a problem for leisure! Look at me! I celebrate life! I love spending money! & when I spend my last cent, I mourn. I mourn till I get a job, & I mourn throughout my job. But I celebrate again when I get my pay! Till I spend my last cent, & I mourn. I mourn till I get a job...ok, you get my drift. It's a terrible cycle.

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