Tuesday, July 4

Oooh. My mom is babysitting again & the baby is such a cutie! He has a smiley face, & his eyes crinkle up when he smiles. & he has a pretty mouth (like Daryl, with a little bud on his upper lid), & long long lashes. SOOOO CUTE!

I think I'm gonna spoil the little angel rotten. All he needs to do is furrow his eyebrows & I immediately carry him. & now my hands are shaking a little for carrying him for too long, trying to prevent him from crying. The little 2 month old bundle of laughter. So cute so cute so cute ok?

Anyway, I spent a very fruitful Sunday with Daryl & his family in Malaysia. We ate...non-stop. Japanese restaurant first (Daryl's dad always brings us to Japanese restaurants to sniff out the competition), & then his sister treated us to healthy luxury stuff like bird's nest (ooooohhhh), & then we went to a kopitiam like Yakun & had toast & coffee. :)

& I'm happy! I'm off tomorrow, Thursday & Friday! Hehehehe. Where can I find a better job? I practically work only 18 days a month! :P

Tomorrow'll be a day spent with the shorties, before Val leaves us for Australia. So watch this space for anecdotes, crazy photos & throw face videos! :)

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