Sunday, September 10

So, my boyfriend has got everything he wanted.

Last Sunday, we went to Comex & he got off with a 32" LG teevee, an LG home theatre system, both courtesy of his dad & godma respectively. & thanks to Darrelle, he got his Xbox 360 as well.

The stuff arrived on Friday & he went crazy happy setting them all up, clearing his room to make space for the items. So now he has the best teevee in his house, since his is the only HD ready teevee, & he has surround sound in his room now. All his speakers are wired up at the corners of the room & it makes for a darn cool viewing experience.

All he needs now is the computer to be in his room & he'll never need to leave his room again.


Sizzler is one hell of a buffet. Darrelle & I ate till we almost puked. & we met so many people. It's actually pretty nice to see them again, even though I wasn't close to a couple of them, it's really comforting to see them outside of school, & we could just talk naturally. & Danielle works in a really rad environment.


Can you tell I'm too lazy to blog? I know. Fo'shur.

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