Monday, September 18

Yesterday was pretty nice. It was my parents' wedding anniversary so we went to a restaurant & had fabulous dim-sum.

Then my dad bought himself & my brother new phones at West Mall & my boyfriend came down to join us. Then I got a pair of new Mary Janes as well, & off I went to my boyfriend's house for yummeh steamboat. :)

Anyway, I'm gonna reply to tags here! Since I don't want to clog up my own tagboard.

Bong, chatspeak is ANNOYING!!!1111

JY, I know. I need some anti-sappy spray. Heh.

Darrelle, I've always been eating tons of stingray. This just gives me an excuse to eat more!

Ayu, you must be hanging out with them 1337 kids too much. They're so labeled! Lol.

Val, you don't lah.

Maz, thank you. :) We're loads better now.

Baby, pasta is not good enough. Hehe.

Skye, thanks for sticking up for me!

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