Friday, April 20

So, met up with Darrelle & Anita (whom I haven't really met up with since graduation) yesterday for a spot of movie & dinner.

The movie (some Austrian film here for the Asian Film Festival) was a-ok, gripping, yet a tad sad. I couldn't concern myself with that. I was more captivated by the girl's eyes. Darrelle almost fell asleep. I must admit it was rather slow-moving. The movie, not Darrelle.

We had dinner, & then headed down to Borders to check out something.

It was pretty nice. We chatted about work, people, Harry Potter, Neopets, people, Lord of the Rings, Enid Blyton (*gasp* Sorry, secret's out!) & the likes. It was pretty fun just standing in Borders in the section which we would never be caught dead in with others.

All that fun, & no photos to show for it. :(

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