Tuesday, August 28

I am hating my new hair. I am, I am.

It was one expensive haircut at Jean Yip. $38, which my boyfriend paid for.

BUT. I still hate it. It wasn't the sleek bob I expected. It just made me look extremely retarded. & at certain angles, I look like a man.

Ms Swan: He looks...like a man!

Yeah yeah.

When the hairstylist made the very first cut, my heart dropped. I haven't had short hair since Sec 3. & I remember that I didn't look very nice in it. But my boyfriend wanted me to cut my hair short. So I thought, you know, just go give it a shot.

But I'm extremely grumpy about it now. Extremely. I'm even thinking of hiding at home till my hair grows out. I try to convince myself that it's ok, it's only hair. It'll grow. But still.

I want my long hair back. -cries-

AND. To add to my grumpiness, MDIS got back to us about next module's schedule.

I have progressed from being grumpy to full-blown anger. Yes, I am officially FUCKING ANGRY.

You know, in between work, the next module, keeping up with class assignments, doing up the post-assignments for Advertising & PR, studying for Advertising exam & PR exam, I need to breathe.

& if we run out of time for Advertising post-assignment (which is barely halfway through), &/or do badly for Advertising exam, I'll really kill someone. I will.

& don't tell me I should have started way earlier. We were supposed to have 2 more FREE weeks to do the post-assignments & study for the exam, not SUDDENLY have classes. FUCKING ASSHOLES.

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