Tuesday, August 7

Not such an angry person anymore. I think I'm quite extreme. It's either extremely angry/depressed or extremely happy/hyper.

Tutorials are a fucking waste of time. Wake up at 7 AM to go to school & do absolutely nothing constructive. What the hell. I might as well stay home & sleep right?

I want to watch Knocked Up. & Secret. & Ratatouille. Why isn't it out yet? I want to watch Disturbia too. Somebody stop me.

Dan, Happy 21st Birthday! You're 21! Whoot whoot whoot! Thanks for dinner, it was awesome gourmet pizza! & thanks for bringing us to Timbre as well, & you were such great company. Haha! & I hope you like the book. Read it then we can discuss it coz' it's my favourite Lit book.

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