Monday, November 26

My Boyfriend Says The Darnest Things

Boyfriend: I'm going to sleep now.
Me: Ok.
Boyfriend: You go sleep!
Me: After Neopets!
Boyfriend: You lie.
Me: Noooo!
Boyfriend: You don't love me.
Me: I didn't say that! Go to bed!
Boyfriend: You don't want to talk to me?
Me: You said you wanted to sleep?
Boyfriend: I want to talk now.
Me: Eargh. What do you wanna talk about?
Boyfriend: Life.
Me: Don't be rubbish!
Boyfriend: Do you believe in...destiny?
Me: Don't be stupid!
Boyfriend: Fate?
Me: Argh! Stop it!

-silence for a while-

Boyfriend: Stop clicking. Stop rolling your wheels. Stop sitting down.
Me: What?
Boyfriend: Bye bye.
Me: Ok bye bye.
Boyfriend: Where are you?
Me: Home.
Boyfriend: Which part of home?
Me: My room.
Boyfriend: Have you shhh shhh already?
Me: No, why?
Boyfriend: Later you need to wake up & shhh shhh.
Me: ...
Boyfriend: Do you like tea?
Me: No.
Boyfriend: Lipton tea is not black.
Me: What?
Boyfriend: Is your remote control working?
Me: Yeeeesssssss.
Boyfriend: What about your nail polish?
Me: HUH.
Boyfriend: Do you have hairnet?
Me: No, why?
Boyfriend: You need to buy. Hair will drop onto laptop.
Me: Nooooo.
Boyfriend: Bye bye.
Me: Why?
Boyfriend: Coz' I need to dry.
Me: You...need to dry?
Boyfriend: Yes, dry. Bye bye.

LOL. I don't know why I'm so patronising.

He was half-asleep when he said all these, as usual.

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