Sunday, April 13

Just when I'm about to give up, he always fixes things right. Says the right stuffs. & pieces everything back together again. :)

& life is pretty nice at the moment.

The exam went pretty well yesterday. No more assignment, no more exam.

I have enough funds for the U.S. trip, thanks to my sister's generous loan. & of coz', my mom & dad's contribution.

The U.S. trip is in 2 weeks! CAN'T WAIT.

I had a scrumptuous buffet at The Fairmont on Monday, while we were there for his friend's solemnization. We had gigantic chilli crabs on Wednesday, courtesy of his sister, & in celebration of his mom's birthday. We then had Japanese steamboat on Thursday with his family again, at his sister's place. & it was dim sum today with my family, in early celebration of my dad's birthday. All that food. ALL in one week. I've gained about 2 dress sizes.

Another thing - I watched The Contender Asia finale live at the Singapore Indoor Stadium yesterday, & even though my tickets were the cheapest & it was free seating, we had awesome seats, & the ring was RIGHT in front of us. & everyone (Soren, Zach & Yodsaenklai) Daryl was rooting for won. Heh. I took tons of photos. Photos will be up...eventually. I guess. LOL.

Also, I bought the new Sophie Kinsella book - Remember Me?. I'm not an ardent fan, & have never read any of her Shopaholic series. I only have Can You Keep A Secret? which was a birthday gift, & I wasn't that impressed. But this book seems interesting enough, & I was just itching for a new book, so I splurged on it at Kino. I managed to restrain myself fairly though. There were like, 5 other books I wanted to buy, & I was THIS close to grabbing them & running to the counter. I'm going to get them, slowly, one at a time.

Seriously. There's nothing for me to complain about at the moment.

I'm genuinely happy, & have no grouses. For once. :) :) :)

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