Saturday, May 31

Random Facts [Part One]

#1. My FIRST ever crush was when I was in Primary 3, & this new guy came into my class, moving with the cocky swagger of a very self-assured boy. He was a year older, & he was from Taiwan. I still remember how all the girls swooned (well, swooned as much as a 9 year-old would). & then a lot of drama happened because of THIS one boy. Apparently, his guardian (who's also his aunt) found ALL the letters the girls wrote to him. She came to school & demanded to see all of us, & then proceeded to blame us for leading that boy astray. O.o Us! About 8 of us! Innocent little girls! Phooey. Anyways, I saw him again when I went back to my primary school for a visit many years later, & he had became an ah beng. His name was Yen-Chi by the way.

#2. I'm anal-retentive. Ok, that's not new.

#3. I can't walk in high heels, & always look like I have a prong up my ass when I try walking in them. I wish I can walk effortlessly in high heels coz' they're so glam.

#4. In primary school, I was part of this newsletter thing. It was just a small team of 5, & it started informally. We wrote nonsense about our class. Anyways, we sold them for 40 cents & made profits. We would then splurge all the profits on Neoprints.

#5. I first started to cut when I was in Secondary 2. It wasn't out of depression or anything, or to 'numb the pain'. Honestly, my intention was to make Pei Ren feel bad. I wanted him to feel guilty. I don't know if he ever did. But it did become a habit whenever I was upset. Anyways, when I was young, I tend to magnify problems that weren't THAT big a deal after all.

Ok, it's not like anyone's interested in reading those crap. Bah.

Hmmm. Maybe my polish has dried.

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