Sunday, May 18

So. Both Daryl & I are here. In LA. In the Hollywood Downtowner Inn.

& after staying at Marriott Residence Inn, this place is the crappers. It is. The office is a teeny weeny room by the side, & anyone can walk in & out of this place so it isn't safe at all. Our room is 2 flights of stairs up, & the room...well, let's just say it's old & isn't very clean.

I made a reservation for a king size bed. We were given a room with 2 double beds & it's the last room.

Daryl is miserable. & I'm just annoyed too.

They have a kitchen, & everything is dirty & rusty. So we closed the door & put a chair against it & vow never to step inside. It looks haunted.

The bathroom is small but ok, & we managed to shower alright. But the towel I used had little black spots in one corner.

The floor feels dirty. & the bed creaks. Daryl said he felt like there were a lot of dust/dirt on it & he was sweeping it off the bed.

The air-conditioning has no temperature to adjust. It's the old-school boxy type, with 3 choices - off, low or high. -_-

The cupboards are really dirty, so we've decided to live out of our suitcases. We're not gonna load our stuffs into the cupboards. & the fronts of the drawers are probably filled with grime. My hands were disgustingly coated in oil after I shut one of the drawers.

At least the damn teevee & wi-fi work.

Like I keep telling Daryl, it's just a place to sleep for the night. & shower, of coz'. We'll try to stay away from this place as much as possible. It makes me miss home so very much. & the comfort of the Marriott Residence Inn.

(I got my laptop back by the way, thanks to Stephanie & her friend - Stefan, who picked it up for me! Thank you so much!)

It's 2.16 AM so I'm heading to bed now. Goodnight y'all! Will be back next week!

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