Tuesday, June 3

Boo. I have grown so accustomed to not working, that I was dreading my first day back at work.

It has been 1 month of utter bliss in the U.S., not working, & having something on the agenda everyday. We had things to look forward to everyday - Penn Square, Walmart, Krispy Kreme, Victoria's Secret, Ross, Grapevine Mills & then in LA, it was Chinatown, Santa Monica Beach, Ripley's, Walk of Fame, Disneyland, Universal Studios. There was ALWAYS something. Something exciting, something fun, something interesting.

To come back here, & settling back into the old routine is so...dissatisfying.


& my poor baby is very sick & doing his reservist now. I can't even take care of him. & I can't see him till Friday. :( I miss seeing him everyday for 1 entire month. Going to sleep beside him everyday for 1 entire month. Doing things together with him everyday for 1 entire month. :( I miss all of that so damn much.

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