Friday, June 27

OMG. Russia got pwned. It's so strange, since Russia did so well against formidable Netherlands, yet they can't seem to handle Spain. My dad says Spain is Russia's nemesis. & a 3-0 score is incredible. Like how Spain trashed them 4-1 in the group match. Russia was totally outclassed. Russia had 1 shot on goal while Spain had 11. That's a huge disparity.

Anyways, Spain is going to the finals! -cries from happiness- It has been 24 years since they last advanced to the finals, & 44 years since they won Euro. How awesome it would be if they win Germany!

Even though Raul, Morientes & Guti are not part of the celebration, it's fine.

Even though I don't like some of the players on the team, it's fine. Even if Guiza is a selfish player (EVEN if he did score), even if Ramos can't shoot & even if Silva's accuracy is really sad (but I like him coz' he's earnest & working his ass off), it's fine.

I still have Casillas, Torres & Villa. & Puyol is an awesome defender. I''ll remain a supporter of Spain till...I don't know, old age? :)

& if they win on Monday morning, it will COMPLETELY make my year.

& have you seen royalty being so cute? :) Crown Prince Felipe & his wife were so cute, hugging & leaping around in jubilation. I've never seen royalty acting anything but upright & proper. Cute. & such a good-looking couple.

SPAIN FTW! KRAWK ISLAND FTW! (Ok, totally random.)

(Villa seems to have twisted his ankle & I'm worried he may not be up for the finals come Monday.)

(& I hope that Spain don't have to wear that disgusting yellow jerseys on Monday. It's a disgusting yellow.)

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