Monday, June 30


So, yesterday, MOST people were supporting Germany, & predicted Germany's easy victory.

HAHA! Far from it. Spain gave them something to think about!

Although it was a pretty angry match all around. The Germans were an angry bunch of people, & Spain was playing rather rough as well. A lot of divings, head-knockings, yelling, & bleeding from Ballack. & the referee was badgered all around. He was so peeved at being harassed that he gave Casillas AND Ballack yellow cards. & all Casillas did was approach the ref as Spain's captain to help his team-mate. Thankfully, my dear Casillas is good-natured. He merely shrugged & went back to his post. If he has a bad temper, he could have gotten sent off.

& Ballack was acting like the Incredible Hulk yesterday. He was angry, & bleeding from his eyebrow, & the blood trickled all the way to his neck. He didn't mop himself up well & went right back to play, so there he was, angry & bleeding. Damn scary. He was showing lots of attitude yesterday.

& even Klose was looking pissed too. What's up with the angry Germans?

The Spaniards seemed rather fierce too. Silva, little Silva head-butted Podolski, who was yelling in his face. & it was a very weak head-butt. But nonetheless, a head-butt. It was fortunate that he didn't get sent off. Although it didn't look painful at all. They looked like immature kids fighting. -_-

& then this guy pushed Torres to the ground, & Torres remained on the ground looking mighty pissed. The German tried to pull Torres up & Torres shrugged off his hands & completely ignored him.

What an angry match. But you can't say it wasn't interesting. Torres scored the winning goal - getting past Lahm, chipping the ball into the lower corner of the net & then skipping over Lehmann who rushed out. Awesome-sauce. The lone striker performed even without partner Villa. :) & such a pretty boy he is. He kept tucking his hair behind his ears like a girl. HAHAHAHA!

& yes, I am absolutely ecstatic that Spain won. Totally made my year, but then a little bitter coz' this will prove to Aragones that he was right in taking out Raul. :(

But I'll be fine. Aragones is leaving, & Raul MAY have a chance in FIFA World Cup 2010. & it doesn't matter this time round, because Casillas is my favourite player after Raul. How can you not like Casillas? Hot, talented, & so bloody humble & good-natured. :)

Spain has quite some golden years left, as their star players are all quite young.

So random, but, I LOVE CASILLAS I LOVE CASILLAS I LOVE CASILLAS! Don't be humble, you know you are the number 1 keeper right now! NUMERO UNO! (He conceded JUST 2 goals in the whole tournament.) & you know you are the hottest. Hubba hubba.


Iker Casillas, 27 years old.

Fernando Torres, 24 years old.

David Villa, 26 years old.

David Silva, 21 years old.

Cesc Fabregas, 21 years old.

Sergio Ramos, 22 years old.

Xabi Alonso, 26 years old.

:D :D :D My favouritest country in the world with my favouritest players in the world. :)

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