Monday, July 7

2 movies in 2 days?


This is the way to spend money when you don't have any.

Get Smart was a-ok. Pretty funny in the oh-that-guy-is-a-bumbling-fool way. Anne Hathaway is damn hot. Masi Oka is SO adorable. Dwayne Johnson is charming. & Steve Carell is...Steve Carell. He's doing everything with a poker-face. I think he's been doing The Office too much now.

Hancock is not bad too. I mean, I expected much less after all the not-so-hot reviews. Basically, we knew there was a bad twist, & we waited for it. Sure enough, the twist was just so conveniently thrown in. It seems like the first half of the show & the second half are different shows altogether - they were going on totally different tangents. But still, it was an interesting enough show. It's...different. Will Smith's pulling off the whole 'I'm a superhero but I'm unloved so I'm gonna be an asshole' thing. & Charlize Theron is still the blond bombshell.

I just realised that I get the runs after eating steamboat. Every single time. Without fail. Ewch. But woe is me. I just love steamboat too much.

Work tomorrow. -cries-

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