Wednesday, August 6

The blanket is threatening to overwhelm me again. I can feel it. I can feel it inching forward, menacing & dark, & once it throws itself over me, I go under.

I think I need to slow down, reassess everything, & give myself some space to breathe.

Instead, I'm working my butt off trying to earn enough to survive, & worrying & thinking about a million things. & since there are only so many things I can focus on, by overworking my brain, I get fuzzy images. Like a snowy television. & I can almost hear white noise.

Perhaps white noise is good. It drowns out everything else.

Even the situation which put me on a high on Sunday seems like a distant memory now. I can feel myself forgetting the euphoria. It is sad to know that I am forgetting, but I'm not trying too hard to cling on to the memory. I'm just letting it slip through my fingers like sand, as an unfortunate incident has completely overshadowed that Sunday wonder.

That's when you know the difference between an alternate universe, & cold reality. It's a thin line.

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