Monday, August 4

I am shell-shocked.

How can such a thing happen? Apparently, sleepwalking is dangerous.

You were so young, so innocent, so adorable, so smart, & everyone adored you.

I always teased how your lashes are so long, they could clean your glasses.

You were always so shy, but you would smile meekly.

My mom is in shock, & when she told me, my mind went blank.

& then the tears came fast. Both of us just cried for ages.

You're not nearly 11 yet. You had so many things ahead of you, so many things left unaccomplished. You haven't even gotten through primary school, haven't even fallen in love, haven't even married, haven't even have children, grandchildren & great-great-grandchildren. This is all so unfair.

I'm an atheist, & I don't pray.

But I hope with all my heart that your family gets through this, & that you watch over them.

Goodbye, Jason.

Life is so fragile.

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