Wednesday, August 13

I have gotten myself addicted to a new show.

Which is not good since I hardly have time with school, work, boyfriend & my seemingly depleting social life.

But this show is amazing. I love it, & Daryl likes it too. We watched 6 episodes back-to-back, in one sitting.

It's self-contained, not unlike House M.D. & My Name Is Earl. If you miss an episode, no matter. You can catch up on the next episode since they sorta do a recap & every episode is a new 'case'. At least you wouldn't be lost like, well, Lost (AHAHA), Heroes or Prison Break. Miss one episode, & you'll be floundering in the disconnected plotline.

So, introducing, Pushing Daisies!

The definition of pushing daisies is, according to the Urban Dictionary, means 'to be dead and buried'. & it fits the show to a T.

Basically, Ned can revive the dead with a touch, & he can also kill that same person forever with a second touch. However, if he allows the revived to stay alive for more than 60 seconds, soemone else dies in that person's place. He started a pie business & became a pie-maker (at a place called The Pie Hole, WAHAHAHAHAHA, how obscene), & became a bit of a recluse because of his gift.

His unique (& frankly, quite creepy) gift allows him to befriend a money-hungry private investigator, who recruits Ned to help solve whodunnits. Of course, they cheat. Ned revives the victims in the city morgue, asks them about their deaths & killers, & then Ned lets them rest in peace forever with a second touch, all within a minute.

But when Ned's childhood sweetheart - Chuck - died, Ned couldn't resist letting her live (& someone else died in her place). & now, of course, Ned can't touch her at all, or she will be dead forever.

That's the gist of it. & oh, the show is just so sweet.

Ned is this CUTE guy, who has the most innocent smile, & the sweetest intentions. He's a hopeless romantic, who's caught in a tragic situation of having his sweetheart, but never being able to touch her.

Awww! Ain't that sweet?

Chuck looks like the younger version of Kate Beckingsale, & she has the prettiest dresses. She's also the woman who was never meant to live, & has to hide from the outside world, including her eccentric aunts whom she loves.

Olive is the employee who is in love with Ned, & she knows that Ned doesn't feel the same for her. She's the one trying to come between Ned & Chuck, yet you can't help but feel for her. Her heart's in the right place, but she can't find her own happiness.

Emerson is well, he's rotund, frank, & quite sarcastic. Which I like coz' it's funny. He doesn't ever hide the fact that he's using Ned to make money. & he has the quickest comebacks. Never thought I'd like him in this role though since he was the much hated Vogler in the first season of House M.D.

& young Ned (who appears in introductions/flashbacks), is super adorable with the rosiest cheeks.

There's also a handsome golden retriever who's quite the actor. ;)

& the set is gorgeous. The colours are bright, & the set looks like it comes straight out of a fantasy. Or a fairy-tale, which was what the producers were trying to achieve. However, sometimes, the effects are just so fake, they're distracting. You can tell when something is blue-screened. & it happens, VERY often. But I guess it could be for comedy effect.

The show is also sorta morbid. The dead people that we see in every episode die in various ways, & when Ned revives them for that one precious minute...well, let's just say they're not a pretty sight.

& the dialogue. Did they steal House's writers? I LOVE their dialogue. Witty, quirky & really, quite a comedy.

I love! I think I've found my next favourite show, after House M.D. of course (which will always be my number one) & Heroes. :)

Look at the gorgeous colours of the promos! So fantasy-like, & happy.

(Vidz, I know you did blog about it first but I am just so addicted to this show now that I can't help recommending it to others too.)


I like days like today.

Having a simple lunch, strolling around holding hands, & then going home & watching tv together, just being very comfortable. Heh.

& your face was so silly-cute, I laughed till I cried. & you do make me laugh so much, you know? :) I love you.

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