Monday, September 29

Exhaustion & sleep-deprivation have finally sunk their claws into me.

I became feverish & weak towards the end of work yesterday, & the wonderful boyfriend came down to send me home. :)

I woke up this morning with every intention to head to work, but my head was spinning, my bones were aching & my eyes were hot, so I skipped (not irresponsibly, of course) & slept some more.

& from sleep-deprivation, I may have progressed to too-much-sleep. I slept a grand total of 14 hours. I could have been in a coma for all I knew.

& I have a bitching sore throat, which could have manifested from a throat infection. Or vice versa. I don't know the difference. I just know that it hurts when I swallow.

But I had chilli crabs today. :)

No, I don't have a death wish. But how do you say no to yummy crabs & crispy man tous? D: I'm not THAT disciplined.

I don't care if I lose my voice tomorrow, because chilli crabs are worth every bit of soundless-ness.

& besides, Daryl might even appreciate the silence since he thinks I yak too much.

By the way, the F1 race turned out to be much more interesting than I gave it credit for. Nah, I wasn't privileged enough to be there & experience the hype & atmosphere, but I liked watching it on telly while eating yummy steamboat/lazing on couch/with fan blowing. It was certainly comfortable, & the camera angles were excellent.

But seriously, it's only the comedy of errors that I liked. The crashes, the racing off with hose attached & neck-braced mechanic, the ALMOST racing off with hose attached & stretchered mechanic...I loved all that.

I'm quite the sadist. & I know I'll make a shitty F1 fan, since I only like the misses & mistakes. :o

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