Monday, October 20

Here are the gifts I got from loved ones! :)

My delish Kylie Minogue tour DVD from Vidz, Farna, & Tiffy (my Awesome 4some).
Vidz said to me, "Since you can't go to Kylie, Kylie will come to you."

& what she means is that I can't see my lesbian fantasy in the flesh this November since tickets for her upcoming concert cost an arm & leg. My Awesome 4some knows me too well. :)

A funky purple faux crocodile skin bag from my bestie, Ting.

I love it. Even though I was doubtful about the colour (I'm a boring person, so everything's black or white for me), I've grown to like the purple. It's loud, & it brightens up an outfit. & I love the fact that it's big enough for my nik naks when I go out. :)

A gorgeous necklace from SK from my mom. Yes, again surprised that my mom bought me something. She doesn't believe in buying birthday presents. But then 2 or 3 years ago, she got me my first birthday present, a pretty pearl necklace with matching earrings.

This year, we were out & about at a nearby mall when we passed by SK & my mom said, "Let's get you something for your birthday."

& she looked at rather expensive items, which shocked me. I'm talking about jewelry sets $300+, so I told her I didn't need such elaborate blings coz' I don't get a chance to wear them very much.

In the end, we settled for this necklace which I like very very much indeed. It's a star! I love stars! The outer star is half-studded with little diamonds, while the inner star is a very unique rose gold. It doesn't come cheap, as it costs almost $170. Might not be a very expensive gift to some, but it is to me, & I am really quite touched indeed. It means a lot to me.

I'm just so afraid of losing it since it's such a delicate piece.

Tangs vouchers from Amelyn & Mas (Daryl's sister & future brother-in-law). Daryl's sister gave me the vouchers & said, "By the way, you can used them at M.A.C." They are absolutely fabulous.

It's quite a sum! I'm very very very happy. I'll get my M.A.C. stuff, & maybe I can still look at clothes & such. Wheeeeeeeee!

Kaching, both from Daryl's parents & my dad. Kaching always works very very well with me. :) It's the most practical gift, obviously. Hehehehehehehe. Kaching kaching kaching!
I love that sound.
Love & promise from the boyfriend.

He has done far more for me than I deserve.

He has been extremely sweet, & made promises to make up to me what he can't give. & I know that he cares & adores me, & will love me for a long, long, long time.

So that's really more than enough. Baby, I know that you really want to get me those things, & you have promised to do so.

But darling, take your time. I know you mean every word you said, but there's no rush. We have the rest of our lives, you know?

& also, thank you to all who sent me well-wishes (through SMSed/Facebook etc). :) Thanks for remembering!

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