Sunday, December 21

6 things you probably don't know about me, as tagged by Val:

1. I used to chase boybands, ala A1, plusONE, & uh, -teeny voice- F4. Key phrase here: USED TO.

2. I superlove the British accent. I love everything about it - the lilt, the sing-song melody, & the posh-ness. I wish everyone speaks like that. The world would be a better place.

3. I'm foreign to the concept of God and the term "forever". I'm too much of an analyst.

4. I seldom lose in verbal banter. I'm afraid I may come across as cruel at times & hurt someone unintentionally, but sarcasm comes naturally to me.

5. When I was in school, I always felt like the unpretty & insignificant sidekick to the hot girl. & I felt like that from primary school all the way till poly. So that kickstarted my insecurity & I need plenty of assurance.

6. I'm not afraid of dying, but I'm terribly afraid of growing old. So I secretly wish I wouldn't live to a ripe old age.

I tag: Darrelle, Skye, Sam Toh, Vidz, Tiffy, & Farna.

You guys be good & do this k? :)

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