Monday, December 8

Almost 2 months after my birthday, I'm still blogging about gifts. Shows how completely up-to-date I am.

This is from Fiona, who gave this to me on HER own birthday. xD Thanks, darling! It's a tad too big for me though. Heh.

& this is from the wonderful boyfriend. :) An iPod Nano 16GB in black.

I love it! It's oh-so-sleek, & comes with dangerous curves. I've been catching up on my Pushing Daisies (the last few episodes before it really pushes daisies) & Hannah Montana on the bus. :) Happeh.

Anyways, we got this from the iShop 21 in Cine, & it came with a $150 pair of JBL earphones which is a MUCH MUCH better package than those in Sim Lim Square, EpiCentre, & even the Sitex.

I generously gave the boyfriend the earphones, a decision I regretted after I realised how much difference earphones make. Bah.

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