Monday, December 15

So I've spent an amazing amount of moolah in a weekend.

One flea market, one Mango sale, one walk through Parkway Parade, & the damage came up to about $200.


I spent $41 at a flea market. Who spends over $20 at flea markets? Well, can't say those ain't good deals, since the $41 covers 1 pouch, 2 dresses (& one from Forever 21, no less), 1 Topshop tunic & 1 pair of Old Navy shorts.

& I bought the MOST gorgeous one-piece pantsuit from Mango. I'll prolly post up a picture when I actually find an occasion to wear it. That steal from Mango completely made my day. I've never liked anything from Zara, Topshop, Forever 21, Dorothy Perkins, or Mango, & I usually make a quick 10 minute run in the stores before declaring my dislike for all their clothes.

So I walked into the Mango sale, expecting to walk out empty-handed. But I spotted this gorgeous black piece on the rack, & I NEEDED it. It was $53, already marked down from the usual $89, but $53 is still a price I wouldn't pay for clothes. But I MUST have it. So a quick trip to the dressing room confirmed it: it fitted like a dream. :) :) Completely made my day, that pretty pretty pantsuit.

Since I was on a high, I bought the boyfriend some new boxers.

Then I paid for a birthday cake for a family friend, & bought The Tales of Beedle the Bard (finally!).

Rounding up the day is $27 I paid online for tickets to Bolt 3D, which I saw at The Cathay today.


The pre-movie trailers were all 3D! It was amazing. There were a couple of animations coming up to be shown in 3D - Coraline & Up. &, Hannah Montana in 3D! WHOA. She was totally in my face!

Daryl & I: -collective oooohhh-
Me: This is so cool!
Daryl: This is mind-boggling!
Me: -amazed oohs & ahhs-

Anyway, the movie was good ol' family fun. I had a great time. I was expecting nausea, but it wasn't so bad. The only discomfort was from the 3D glasses' pressure on the ears.

Bolt is adorable, & the hamster is out of this world maniacal. You can't help but laugh at his enthusiasm & colourful expressions.

Oh, but the real stars are the pigeons. Seriously. What a laugh. Those pigeons are completely nuts. They're these jittery, psychotic birds.

You gotta watch it to know what I'm going on about!

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