Friday, January 16

Jason Mraz's tickets are completely sold out.

I am completely stunned.

It's 1 & a half more month till the gig, & he's sold out?

I do want him to be popular, but not this popular. He has always been kinda under-the-radar.

I don't want to feel like I have to share with even more people, when these people ONLY started to know him because of his recent hit.

So if you're one of those who jumped onto the bandwagon & declare yourself an undying Mraz fan because of "I'm Yours", screw you.

I was there long before that. I was there for "The Remedy" & "You & I Both" & "Geek In The Pink" & "Wordplay" & "Life Is Wonderful".

I was into his acoustic covers & originals such as "Unfold" & "One Find" & "After An Afternoon" & "Childlike Wild" & "Common Pleasure" & "Sleeping to Dream" & "Rocket Man" & Dreamlife of Rand McNally" & "Summer Breeze".

I chuckle at his charm & wit while watching his Live at the Eagle's Ballroom, & got the CD as well so I could listen to it on my iPod.

I bought his Live at Java Joe's, & marvel at his humble beginning.

I read his blog regularly & laugh at his adventures & silly (but fluid & brilliant) prose.

I subscribe to his podcast & listen to his crazy ramblings.

I watch all his mindless & nonsensical videos & laugh at every single one.

I bought the Geek in the Pink shirt 2 years ago, way before "I'm Yours" hit the airwaves.

I cried when I couldn't go to the Jay Leno show that Mraz was due to perform at while in LA.

I completely embarrassed myself at the Meet & Greet at Singfest by declaring that I love him, but he did say "awwww" & gave me the cutest puppy-dog face.

SO. No. I'm selfish.


(Although I guess it's inevitable what with "I'm Yours" being one of the biggest hits of 2008 & his 3 Grammy nominations, he'll suddenly gain A LOT of exposure.)

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