Sunday, February 22

I would love to illustrate my trip to Bangkok with the love of my life, but my laptop has completely crashed & I can't do anything about it.

The trip was nice. Our first proper planned vacation (LA doesn't count, since it was an extension of a school trip), & we had a nice room with a large jacuzzi. ;) Which was utilised only once in the 4 days we were there. Ah wells. There just wasn't enough time.

Shopping is a time-consuming (& EXTREMELY tiring) activity, which is weird since I honestly didn't buy much. Excluding the S$52 wallet I bought my mom, I spent approximately S$250. & only 1/3 of what I bought was for myself. 2 tees, 3 dresses, that's it. I'm not a very good shopper, to be honest. But not being a very good shopper, I still managed to get cramps in my calves & thighs & really bad throbbing aches in the balls of my feet. Totally awesome. If I had to walk around for another 9 straight hours for just one more day, I might have collapsed.

I'll justify the trip that my wonderful boyfriend secretly planned for Valentine's Day when I get my laptop back.

Pictures will be up when I do, & pictures from the previous Awesome 4some outing sans Tiffy will be up soon too. & pictures from dinner with Skye, Rei, Xuan He, Nelson & my brother. Oh my. I guess I am tremendously behind things at the moment.

Work has been ok. It's been just 4 days, so I don't really know. I was shown the ropes the first day (granted, it was only a couple of hours), & then I was left to my own devices. Basically, I didn't have much to do. Everyone was too busy with their own work. I spent a lot of time doing nothing.

& I've been kinda quiet & withdrawn coz' honestly, I feel left-out. I feel like an intruder. They've worked together for years, & know each other really well. I feel like it's rude of me to intrude. That's not to say they're not nice. Quite the opposite really, since they're very nice & helpful people. They try to include me but that doesn't make me feel more at home than I was at the previous workplace. I miss my people. You know who you are. D:

I do hope things get better. There are people there I have a feeling I'll get along really well with given time.

As for job scope, it's been ok too. I have no qualms doing what I'm supposed to do. At least it's an area which I have some inkling of interest in. I was given a pretty cool task on Friday, which I have not completed so I'm looking forward to getting it done on Monday.

& the job does have perks. Movie premiums! Free tickets to movies/concerts! Premieres! First peek at new releases! Loads of rent-free DVDs to choose from & borrow! Staff discount! It's all pretty cool.

The only thing is traveling. Sigh. It's a 1 & a half hour trip (1 LRT ride, 2 buses, a lot of trapezing to different bus-stops) to & fro. I sincerely hate the East.

On something completely unrelated, I realised that you have to be a bitch to get things done sometimes.

I was annoyed at my crashing laptop & sent an e-mail to Acer, which they then replied asking me to bring it down to the service centre (oh thank you, Mr. Obvious), since my warranty no longer covers pick-up service.

I fired back a not-so-nicely-worded e-mail, basically reminding them that I've been down to that ulu place twice in the last 2 months to fix the same problems. They couldn't fix my laptop, & I had to make 2 trips down to fix it (waiting a total of 1 & a half hour), & another 2 trips to pick it up. & I was quite pissed off & asked them what's the point of taking leave from work to get it fixed, waiting 2 weeks without access to my laptop, taking time off work again to pick it up, & have the exact same problems reappear in a day's time.

Try having to go through that entire hassling process twice. Is that the best solution Acer can come up with? That a disgruntled customer brings in her product repeatedly until it's fixed?

& I said something along the lines of them having shitty after-service, that after my entire life of Acer computers & laptops, I might reconsider my next purchase etc. etc.

They called me after a few more e-mail exchanges & offered to have a guy pick up my laptop on Monday to get it fixed again. HAH. Being bitchy & demanding really work sometimes.

On another sidenote, I finally bought the Agnes B. bag that I've lusted over for at least half a year. $185, but so worth it. It looks proper enough to bring to work, casual enough to bring out to town, small enough to look chic & roomy enough to chuck all my knick-knacks in.

I know Ting doesn't like it since so many people already have the exact same bag & a lot of fakes are being circulated & sold online but really, I don't care about that anymore. It's so pretty, & so roomy, & so hardy as well. I am in love with it.

Eh, saw The Pink Panther 2 today. It wasn't as funny as the first (which Daryl swears by). Steve Martin's clown shtick just doesn't cut it for me this time round. & I couldn't understand him for the best part of the show due to his fake accent, which got a tad annoying & grating after a while.

Fake accents do that to you, don't they? Except when Chuck did the super adorable British accent. :)

Should have just watched Slumdog Millionaire. Hmmm. Maybe tomorrow or something.

Speaking of shows, Daryl & I did something kinda silly today. We went all over J8 looking for 3D glasses but apparently, they were not sold ANYWHERE. Not Mini Toons, Action City, BHG, Popular, Laser Flair, GV etc.

So being desperate, we bought the DVD for Journey to the Centre of the Earth 3D ($29.90) as it came with 4 pairs of 3D glasses. Oh yay, problem solved. Not. (BORAT!)

We went back to his place & realised the 3D glasses don't work on that particular show we were dying to watch - an episode of Chuck in 3D. Chuck requires 3D glasses which are red & blue. The ones that came with Journey to the Centre of the Earth are red & green. When we wore them for Chuck, it threw everything into distortion & the colours were completely off. D:

So there. We should have just bought cellophane paper & made our own. Instead, we spent $29.90 buying a DVD we're not even remotely interested in. -_-

But I am still awesome. Let me reiterate how awesome I am.

We were at Subway, & Daryl was in line waiting to buy dinner for his mom while I sat at a recently abandoned table & waited. Noticed that the uncleared tray had some cards on it, so I picked them up. One was a loyalty card with a stamp on it, which I promptly handed to Daryl. The other was a Subway scratch card, unscratched. I took out a coin & scratched it just for the heck of it & hey, whaddya know, I won a $20 Adidas voucher which we redeemed. So awesome. :) I'll make an excellent scavenger. Don't know whether that's something to be proud of though.

Ah wells. There goes Saturday. My weekends are so precious now, much more than they used to since I've started a full-time 9-6 job. D: I want to milk tomorrow for all it's worth.

-looks back at entry- Oh look, Sam has verbal diarrhoea.

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