Monday, May 25

I am falling sick. I can totally feel it in my bones.

It started yesterday with a bad crick in the neck that wouldn't go away.

Today, my olfactories went into overdrive. I could smell the man I was standing over in the bus this morning, the sweaty, musty smell of someone who hasn't showered for days.

Was alright at work, or maybe coz' I was kept busy, I forgot all about it.

Going home, I could smell EVERYTHING. The toxic gases from the vehicles, a whole day's worth of labour from the man standing in front of me on the bus, the humid stuffy bus, the sweat-slicked bodies crushed against each other unwillingly, & the awful stale air with traces of jasmine flowers.

It made me want to throw up. Everything made my stomach lurch unpleasantly.

I reached home after a long & painful walk from the bus-stop, & I was pale, clammy & in cold sweat. (& damn close to passing out from discomfort.)

I couldn't eat, & after picking at my dinner, I had diarrhoea & my stomach is still churning.


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