Friday, June 19

As luck would have it, I sat next to a crazy dude on the bus home yesterday (Thursday).

He smelt like a hobo. Come to think about it, he looks like one too, with long stringy hair & a plastic bag of half-empty Coke bottles.

The moment I sat down, he started muttering to himself. I thought, "Great, crazy dude" but I figured I could handle mad muttering & plugged in my iPod.

Crazy hobo got progressively worse with the journey.

What started as angry muttering became LOUD outbursts coupled with wild gesturing. I was sitting at the very edge, afraid that he would hit me with his frantic gestures.

At times, it even seemed like he was speaking directly to me, but I turned up the volume on my TV show & ignored him. Nevertheless, I heard snippets of his conversation (with himself) through my loud iPod - something about the government, about him being hauled to court, about people acting crazy to stay in IMH (well, he WOULD know) etc etc. & then he randomly yelled, "FUCK YOU ALL FUCK YOU ALL TO HELL" coupled with sweeping gestures which almost hit my face. People were openly staring (& I felt guilty & crazy by association) but I very calmly continued watching my TV show.

The cool collectiveness was all a facade. I really wanted to sleep on the long journey back but because of this crazy dude, I didn't coz' I was afraid he would kill me in my sleep. Like, I keep imagining he would produce a large knife from his dingy plastic bag & behead me or something. So I sat it out instead.

I would have swapped seats but it was getting crowded & people were standing around & it was difficult to maneuver my way into the throng. So I sat it out, & willed myself to tolerate the smell he was emitting (smelt like he hasn't showered in weeks, really dank & musty) & his mad outbursts.

So anyways, I quickly hopped off the bus at my bus-stop, relieved to get away from the crazy smelly hobo.

& upon reaching home, I realised I smelt like him thanks to the proximity & his overpowering odour. Fml.

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