Tuesday, August 25

So on Saturday, baby & I went to my usual haunt -Pastamania @ Bishan J8.

We placed our orders at the cashier with this guy, who infuriated me when he asked us to repeat our orders 4 times. It wasn't that difficult, really. Baby wanted creamy chicken, I wanted seafood soup pasta, & we added a combo as well. Tell me how terribly difficult that is to remember?

Anyways, the fourth time I was asked to repeat my orders, I was mildly irritated, but I bit my tongue & looked at his tag. "Shift Manager" - awesome. A manager & he can't bloody take orders?

Then he scooped the soup for the combo, & it came up to half a freaking bowl. Now I was annoyed. I paid for the combo & the only thing he can do is to not bloody cheat my money, no? I shot him a dirty look, & muttered angrily to baby. The cashier on the other counter asked if something was wrong & I told them that yes, they are supposed to fill up the bowl, not give you a half-filled bowl.

What really pissed me off is, they DIDN'T do anything about it. The guy merely looked at me, & didn't even bother topping it up, nor did the other lady. I glared at them & was absolutely disgruntled, all the way to my table. After complaining loudly to Daryl, someone from the kitchen came & exchanged my bowl (for another half-filled bowl).

HOW CAN THEY PISS OFF THEIR BIGGEST CUSTOMER? I probably contribute to half of their freaking profits. I'm still so mad at them, I think I'll boycott them for like a month or something.

A month without Pastamania is gonna be hell for me, so don't ask for too much k.

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