Saturday, October 24

So my 23rd has come & gone quietly, not creating much of a ripple. But it was nonetheless very satisfactory, with lovely friends, family & a lovelier boyfriend. :)

Thank you to the following for gifting me with what I like best - moolah:
17 colleagues
Amelyn & Mas
Daryl's parents

KER-CHING! You're all so awesome. The money will go into my Taiwan trip savings. Happeh happeh.

Thank you also to Fiola, who surprised me today with a beautiful gift which really brightened my day!

Isn't it absolutely gorgeous? It came in the striking green Kate Spade box, & Fiola even tied it prettily with a very cute polka-dot ribbon. I totally love this so much, I'mma start using it tomorrow! Thanks, dear!

& lastly, thanks to LoML, who brought me on a cruise (I LOVE CRUISES), & who brought me to the most wonderful (& definitely the most atas) dinner I've ever had.

Thank you all for making this odd-prime number age easy to get through. Love you guys!

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