Monday, February 1

So last week was a good week.

A stranger asked me out, which hasn't happened in ages. & he's extremely cute too, with blonde hair & intense grey eyes. He scared the shit out of me though, prodding me really hard on the shoulder from behind, which made me squeak & jump a little.

But of course I declined. He could be a psycho/cannibal for all I know, & he was probably looking for a booty call because he asked what I was doing that night & told me that he just came from Sweden & would be heading to Australia for 15 months (why would he tell me all these?). & also, I've got a wonderful boyfriend so why would I want to? :)

I told the guy I was headed home as my boyfriend was coming over for dinner. We chatted for a bit more, mostly me pointing him in the directions of Chinatown, Little India & Zouk. I think I wasn't very helpful, because I couldn't answer many of his questions & when he asked if he could walk this way or that, I gave a very unhelpful, "Take the train." or, "No, it's too far to walk, take the train."

Anyways, it was a major moral booster, just because it's awfully flattering that some random good-looking stranger decides to want to know you better. It actually raised my self-esteem, & I felt pretty damn good about myself for a few days.

HAHAHAHA. Cheap thrill.

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