Friday, February 15

Review: POPBeauty Cat Eyes

So I've decided to use the eyeliner I got off ASOS - POPBeauty Cat Eyes in #1 Black Onyx. It costs about S$18 on the website. I'm sure our local Sephora stores carry this at some ridiculous price.

Off the box, it claims:

POP proudly presents CAT EYES, the perfectly formed eye crayon. Here is the essential tool to help you create a sexy cat eye with no effort; the flick at the end is key to perfecting the look. Go from I don't know how to MEOW!

I was all excited  because I am an epic fail at winging my lashes. They always turn out to be blunt ends, or the flicks on both eyes are uneven.

The eyeliner has a special slanted tip which apparently helps in easy application.

See the tip? The texture and consistency of this is smooth and creamy, and it is indeed easy to apply! It's not the blackest black but if you use a heavy hand, you get a relatively rich black.

Anyways, the upwards plane goes into the inner of your eye and you drag it across your lashline, extending it to however you want your flick to be like.


The eyeliner almost immediate transferred to my crease! Also, I didn't do as good a job as I hoped I would - the flick was still kind of blunt. Application upon eyeshadow didn't do the black any justice. The eyeliner appeared kind of a greyish black, and didn't seem fully opaque.

I did prime my lids beforehand using Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer (which is an excellent product), and then proceeded to cover my lids with Make Up Store's Famous and using shades from my NYX 10 Colour Eyeshadow Palette in Strike A Pose, I contoured with a gold-orange and used the red-copper for my outer V. Finished it off with a coat of Dejavu Fiberwig Paint-On False Lashes Extra Long Mascara.

I even tightlined which is something I don't do often, but there isn't a photo to show for it because I forgot to take photos of an open eye! :(

Anyways, I usually let my eyeliner set for maybe 30 seconds and this still transferred.

Midway into the day, the eyeliner had smudged so badly, I was sporting panda eyes and had to clean up the smudges. The transfer got worse and by the end of the day...

Wow honey, that looks terrible.

I am terribly terribly disappointed. I love POPBeauty - their Face Magnet is still the best face primer I've ever used, and I'm also using their Face Magnet No-Shine Powder for touch-ups and it has not let me down so far. Cat Eyes also has rave reviews on Makeupalley so when your expectations are high, your disappointment is just greater.

This obviously doesn't work on monolids. It may be alright if you have eyes with really high creases and they won't fold over your eyeliner. For me though, I shall stick to my tried and tested favourites. I do like how creamy this eyeliner is though - there was absolutely no tugging on my eyelids. But it is hardly worth looking like a mess. It's like doing the walk of shame!

Here's a random picture of my outfit of the day! I used gold for my eyeshadow to match the gold-sequined hem of my little flare skirt. :D Hubby hates the skirt though.

Why so grumpyyyyyy?

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