Tuesday, November 26

Review: FACE atelier Lip Glaze in Cameo

Between losing photos and feeling the post-vacation blues, I just haven't gotten around to resuming blogging. Everytime I look at all my messy photos and think of all the cataloging, I cry a little inside.

But I'll start with a shorter review to eventually get back into the swing of things.

Luxola was having an awesome sale (up to 35% off if you purchase a certain amount) so I bought a new bunch of stuff! At the rate I'm purchasing makeup, I have enough to last me a lifetime + 3 generations after me.

One of the best items I got off my haul would be the FACE atelier Lip Glaze in Cameo. FACE atelier, as you may remember, is the pricey makeup brand that produces the highly-raved about Ultra Foundation. The Lip Glaze, which usually retails for $38 was going at $9 so I bought it for the hell of it.

The product came in the usual underwhelming grey box, which I didn't bother to take a photo of. If you know the box that the Ultra Foundation comes in, you'll know what I mean.

I was a little surprised at just how large a tube the Lip Glaze is.

From their website:

Impossibly shiny and smooth as glass, our non-sticky, moisturizing formula is a cinch to apply with its sanitary, slant-tip applicator. Highly concentrated and pigmented, long-lasting Lip Glaze gives a high-shine effect while hydrating and mositurizing your lips. And as per usual (for FACE atelier), a little goes a long way.

Size matters! Our Lip Glaze is up to 60% larger than other lip glosses. Small wonder that it's an enduring PRO Favorite.

60% larger! Is that true?

Well, my Elizabeth Arden High Shine Lip Gloss is a mere 6.5ml compared to FACE aterlier Lip Glaze's 15ml!

Unscrew the cap for a slanted applicator - I actually prefer this over a doe-foot sponge as the sponge soaks up bacteria/grime which you can't do much about but this slanted tip is easy to wipe down with a piece of tissue paper.

The colour is pretty much a dusky rose, and is perfect for nude lips. I wouldn't say the texture is completely non-sticky but compared to the usual lip gloss, it's about 60% (my own estimate) less sticky and just a little more watery than the usual tacky gloss which makes for easy application.

For those of you with sensitive olfactories, you'll be happy to know that it's fragrance free. There is a very mild smell of chemicals since there isn't any fragrance to mask it, but it doesn't bother me because it isn't overwhelming.

I wouldn't say it's incredibly moisturising - the hydration can't compare to lip balm - but it isn't overtly drying either. It has shea butter as one of the ingredients so for a gloss, it can actually be lauded as moisturising.

As per most gloss, the staying power isn't going to be as strong as say, a lip stain or a lip stick but I still got a good 3 - 4 hours out of this before the need for reapplication.

Dammit, I hate my lips - there's an unnaturally thick rounded upper lip and I have a humongous chin.
Anyways, here's what it looks like upon a thin application. It's not high-shine but makes for really pretty nude lips, plus it's one of those "my lips but better" shade.

It's great for when you don't want to look overdone or would like subtle lips to bring out strong eyes.

I have never been a fan of gloss, I'm more of a lip balm or stain person and if I must, then lipstick would do just fine. I hate the stickiness of lip gloss and getting hair caught in it, the white line that usually forms where your lips meet and the generally messy application of it all.

But the FACE atelier Lip Glaze has completely changed what I know about gloss - I think it's the only gloss I'll ever buy. Lemming for it in Peach which is just a gorgeous orange with gold shimmer, but it's completely out of stock on Luxola. Crossing fingers for a restock now!

Rating: 9/10

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