Monday, September 1

*sniffles* This morning reached an all time high of 39.2! Vidz kindly reminded me that I would probably get brain damage...& then claimed it should be fine since my brain's already damaged...good one! *sulk* Anyway, the thermometer given to us by the school comes in handy at times! Being the paranoid person I am, I'm like sticking it under my tongue every 2 hours....freaky aye? Haha...I'm like some eskimo...I'm wrapped up in my blankies everywhere I pathetic! Ahahaha...

Ewww...porridge porridge porridge...reminds me of Goldilocks & the Three difference though, I don't like porridge & Goldilocks does! & I'm practically dying without my daily dose of Ribena! My mom's refusing to let me go anywhere near it coz' I'm nose's leaking(I'll try switching it off, Vidz), my throat hurts, my coughs are killing me & worse of all, I feel hot & cold at the same time! Bloody hell...supposed to go see a doc & drop by Ting's place...but I'm in absolutely no condition to step out of the house so she called & was freaked by my voice...ahahaha...anyway, she's kinda confused about some stuff...think hard about it the way, you haven't sent the stuff...I kinda need the pics's a kind of weird

Waiting for my mommy to come home...then we'll decide which doc to go to...I'm refusing to go to the polyclinic coz' they still have the temperature thingy & I don't wanna be's gonna look stupid...face mask & all...bleargh!

Supposed to go to school today with Ti & the rest to view the tape with Mr Millians & all...but I couldn't...then Darrelle called me thinking I was in school & asked me whether I wanted to go Long John, I wish I could! Eeaarrgghh!

No I would not sleep in this bed of lies
So toss me out & turn in
& there'll be no rest for these tired eyes
I'm marking it down to learning
I am

Don't think that I can take another empty moment
Don't think that I can fake another hollow smile
It's not enough just to be sorry
Don't think that I could take another talk about it

Matchbox Twenty [Bed of Lies]

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