Wednesday, September 17

Went to school early morning to do the SAB turned out fine. But it was funny coz' when I used my lappy to present, & when Raul's face came into view, there was a collective 'WHOA!' from the class.

Had volleyball & since it was drizzling a little, we did some fitness thingy. Lotsa warming ups & all. & the NAPFA stuff. I conclude. I'm seriously not flexible. I fail my Sit & Reach every year! Stupid lame thingy.

Sigh...feeling a little disturbed...a little hurt...but just a wee bit...I recover fast...I mean after him, I've always recovered fast. I hope this time, it will be too. I don't wanna be what I was like before...small things can turn into obssessions ya know? That's how I started with him as well.

So anyway, was having an interesting, yet ridiculous MSN conversation with Farhan...I think both of us need sleeeeeeeep badly. We were like bullshitting...majorly. We're sleeeeeeeeep-deprived! Some stupid 'class clown' thingy got us started & we were like name dropping here & there...& it became really ridiculous!

Tiara asked whether I heard from him. At all. & I told her 'No'. Although I still harbour some hope that he'll make an effort, I know it's impossible. I think he's just freaked out by me. Thinking I'm so spooky & all. This shadow who has been haunting him for years & wouldn't let go. Ah...

This is the time when I miss Ting the most...& Vidz & Yix...they're the ones who bring me back to earth...wake me up...if I don't, they'll rattle me till I've waken up. Reality check. I need a reality check!

If we were lovers
Like we were meant to be
Open arms, broken hearts
All the world to see
If we were lovers
Loving like we say
Oh the ghosts of doubt
Would crash and burn away
If we were lovers

All Stars United [If We Were Lovers]

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